Ludwig van Hooren

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I have been working as a professional photographer in the Netherlands from 1979 until today. From 1979 until 2002 I've worked for various photographers and learned a lot. Since 2002 I am working as an independent photographer based in the municipality of Bergen op Zoom, situated in the south-west part of my country. I've specialized myself in corporate-, advertising-, architectural-, travel-, documentary-, product- and portrait photography, working in the studio as well on location. Starting in 1985, in addition to my professional photographic work, I have organized photo and Adobe Photoshop courses, photo workshops and photo trips. Together with my students I've visited various cities and countries all over the world like several trips to Istanbul in Turkey, Scotland, living with the Bedouins in the Sinaï desert in Egypt, exploring various inspiring locations in France, discovering the United Arab Emirates, New York City and Japan. Photography is a beautiful and creative and inspiring profession, a profession to be able to connect to people and at the same time a stimulation for our imagination to explore our cultural differences and what we have in common. I love it. And I'm still learning. And exploring.


Corporate, Journalism, Product