Vivian Keulards

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Vivian Keulards was born and raised in the Netherlands and successfully graduated at the Photo Academy in Amsterdam in 2009. In the past she also gained a master’s degree in communication science, where she mainly focused on visual culture and imaging. Over the years Keulards developed herself as a conceptual portrait photographer. She creates visual human stories, often over a longer period of time. Preferably about children, adolescents and people who can use an extra voice in society. Vivian works on commission, but also on at least one or two long term projects of her own. Sometimes she seeks out crossovers, such as the world of theater, ceramics or poetry.

Her work is published in newspapers, editorials and magazines. And shown at festivals, in galleries, museums and institutions. She created books, magazine stories, videos and installations. Her portraits have been rewarded and collected internationally.  

"It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see", is her favorite quote, by philosopher Henry David Thoreau. How do you see the world? Vivian breaks taboos and makes difficult subjects open for discussion. Subjects that are close to her heart. 


Autonomous and Art, Documentary, People and Portrait