Susanne Middelberg

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After completing a modern dance education at the Higher school for Arts in Arnhem, she graduated in 1998 from the Academy for Visual Arts, from the photography department.

Since then she has worked as a freelance photographer making independent work and by order of magazines and theater dance posters.

Susanne specializes in portrait and theater- dance photography.

About her photography:

I believe that vulnerability makes us a nicer human beings and that this makes the worlda little more friendly and more understanding.

People who show themselves vulnerable give the other the confidence that they themselves may be who they are.

When I meet people who touch and inspire me me in one way I want to show the thingsthey touch in me. I specially become enthousiast when I see more layers of their personality at the same time. I found it very exciting to try to capture this in my portraits



  • •2019 Trierenberg Super Circui: gold “Hotel”
  • •2019 Photo shoot Nude 2019 Second Prize
  • •2018 ND Third Prize, category Nudes
  • •2018 Px3 Prix de la Photographie Paris 2018, Second Prize in category Nature for  “Soar”
  • •2018 Digifoto: Spotlight Weekwinnaar #13 – 2018
  • •2018 World Water Day Photo Contest 2018, Winner Extreme water section
  • •2017 Chromatic Awards 2017 with “Soar”: 2nd Place Winner
  • •2017 Trierenberg Super Circuit 2017 - gold
  • •2017 Monochrome Awards 2016 -Portrait - 2nd Place Winner
  • •2016 Px3 Prix de la Photographie Paris- People/Personality: silver
  • 2016 Ipoty International Photographer of the year -Portrait- 3rd Place Winner
  • •2016 Monochrome Awards 2015 -Portrait - 3rd Place Winner
  • •2015 International Photo Awards, Category Self-Portrait: First place Winner
  • •2014 Monochrome Awards 2014 - Portrait Honorable Mentions
  • •2014 Trierberg Super Circuit: Special Theme: Gold Medal
  • •2013 Trierberg Super Circuit: Special Theme: Gold Medal 
  • •2012 nominatie portfolioactie Pf Fotografie
  • •2012 Trierberg Super Circuit: Gold Medal of Excellence
  • •2011 Winnaar van de Canon Master 2011
  • •2009 Bronze Award van de FEP European Professional Photographer of the Year Awards 2009
  • •2008 stadsprijs van de Maand van de Fotografie Gouda 2008
  • •2008 nominatie voor de Pink Ribbon Award 2008



Exhibitions :

•2017 Portraits, solo exhibition at Galerie     van Slagmaat Woerden, NL

•2017 “Senses” , solo exhibition Deelen Art, Rotterdam

•2017 “Bare” , solotentoonstelling Deelen Art, Rotterdam

•2015 “Voor de Camera”, vier fotografen, Raadhuis De Pauw, Wassenaar

•2014 Solo exhibition with her Wonderwomanserie at Galerie van Slag             maat in Woerden, NL

•2014 Soho Photo gallery, Soho New York, sotoltentonstelling

•2014 Boston Fence

•2012 New York: Photoville, internat.fotografie festival in Brooklyn 

•2012 New York: United Photo Industries, Brooklyn

•2012 Galerie Fontana Fortuna te Amsterdam

•2010 Ernst & Young

•2009 boekpresentatie Buik Bauch Belly Het Cleyne Huys te Den Haag

•2008 Maand van de Fotografie te Gouda, galerie Hollandsche Maagd

•2007 Reflex Modern Art Gallery te Amsterdam

•2005 Korzotheater: solotentoonstelling

•2005 Pulchri te Den Haag: “buik”, solotentoonstelling

•2004 Smelik en Stokking: solotentoonstelling

•2004 De Naald te Naaldwijk: “Blumen aus Holland”

•2002 “ Körper, Gefässe” Kust im Stall, Hildesheim

•2002 Art Location, Hildesheim

•2002 Korzotheater expo van dansers:solotentoonstelling 

•2000 Fotogalerie 2½ bij 4½ te Amsterdam: "Vier blonde fotografen”

•1999 Holland Dance Festival

•1998 Korzotheater in het CaDancefestival

•1998 eindexamenexpositie KABK te Den Haag




Publications have appeared in SHUTR, Photo Digitaal, Fotografie, Pf, Focus Magazine, Mokum Magazine, GKF fotografen 2009/2010 and 2011/2012, Ballet- Tanz, Kvk- Kunstenaarswijzer, PANL Photography Annual of the Netherlands and

“your most precious possession” published by PANL.

Her book “Buik Bauch Belly”’ a photographical portrayal of pregnant women was published in 2009.


Susanne teaches classes in studio portrait . She also gives personal coaching.


-Portrait and Lightening 1

-Portrait and Lightening 2/ masterclass

For more information about the classes you can visit:




Film, Music and Theater, People and Portrait, Staged