Richard Alexander Yeung

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At the age of three, I moved with my family from China to Hong Kong. In 1980 I came to settle in the Netherlands. My passion for design and architecture began early, and my extensive travels through Europe and North America have inspired me, drawing from various cultures. With over 30 years of experience in concept development and graphic design, I skillfully captures my subjects, at times incorporating graphic elements to transform my photos into digital artworks. My design interests span across diverse fields including architecture, fashion, product, graphic design, and concept development.

Celebrating the beautiful journey of self-discovery, I fearlessly embraces my true identity as a gay individual. I try to inspire others to live their lives with honesty and pride. Letting go of fear, I pave the way for acceptance, love, and a world that celebrates diversity in all its glorious forms.

So for my works, there is no underlying deep hidden message for the viewers. My works are direct and showing whatever it is as it is. I see the beauty in everything and try to capture it through my lens. With my graphic design background, I see architectures full of graphic lines and forms. I try to cut my subject perfectly in the frame of my camera. As for my male body studies, I sometime like to add some graphic elements on the images during the post-production process to add extra dimension to the artwork. I see myself not just a photographer but a digital artist.” 

What is my creative process like?

“I am blessed with a quick mind. As soon as an idea comes up, in no time I already can visualized the entire series of what it will be. I review the concept in different angles so that I do not miss out anything than started the process of bringing the idea to reality.”


There is an in depth interview of me in the blogcast of Artistcloseup magazine. Here is the link to my interview blog:


Autonomous and Art, Image manipulation, People and Portrait