Henriette Driessens

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Puidoux, Switzerland
Maastricht, the Netherlands
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Creative soul, on the border of the left and right brain, particularly interested in the ever changing Qi (energy) of mind, matter and moment as the only constant in life is change.

In a poetic way, I use photography, video, painting and texts, conveying emotion and feeling.The images are based on the actual energy in the moment. Important keywords are: change, layering, (un)covering, intentional movement (ICM), colours. And within this, a sense of quietness comes as result of all this `action`. Like a red thread, building, or deconstruction and construction are inseparable in my projects. Powered by the beauty and energy of Mother Nature and the celestial seasons of the Universe.

`What we make is what we feel` - Agnes Martin


Architecture, Autonomous and Art, Landscape