Farzad Ariannejad

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Documentary Photographer


Since 1997


I started experimenting with photography in 1997 and found that my emotions could be expressed by the magic of light and the hidden compositions in people’s lives. I was always looking for new places and stories in different places. My heart and soul were deeply involved interacting with the subjects. My photography works are the result of my experiences related to human emotions, pain and suffering, and happiness. Through my photography, I hope I will be able to transfer these experiences from the lives of the people.



  • Winner Gold Medal of The 78th International Photographic Salon of Japan.
  • 1st International Monochrome Photography Awards 2017 and Conceptual Photographer of the Year – London, UK.
  • Bronze Winner of the International PX3 Photography Paris 2018.
  • Dozens of Honors and Awards from National and International Festivals.
Exhibitions at the: University of Maryland, USA • Venice, Italy • “Brindisi  Museum” of Italy • England • Canada • Netherlands • France • Greece • Iran • Turkey • Japan • “United Nations” • etc.

Love Stories – Art, Passion & Tragedy, Hermitage Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 17 September 2022- 8 January 2023
United Nation in New York #TheWorldWeWant Exhibition October 20, 2021 and beyond
“Stories of Freedom” Photo Exhibition in Stedelijk Zutphen Museum, Netherlands Jul 18, 2020 – November 22, 2020
Photo exhibition Aeres Hogeschool Dronten, Netherlands 18 October 2019 t/m 1 February 2019
Fucus Iran 3- January 27, 2019 — May 12, 2019 – Craft and Folk Art Museum – Los Angeles
International Photo Exhibition, PX3 France, Paris, July 10th to July 14th, 2018
Street Photography Exhibition, Blank Wall Gallery, Athens, Greece, 12 January – 25 January 2018
International Monochrome Photo Awards 2017, London, England
The 78th International Photographic Salon, Japan -The Asahi Shimbon Head Office – Tokyo Japan- March 2018
International Photography Exhibition “The bicycle and Mankind” Palazzo Granafei Nervegna Brindisi Museum, Italy, June 1st/July 4th 2017
Candiani Cultural Exhibition, Venice, Italy, Augus 28 – October 14, 2007
“Iranian Woman in Socierty” Photo Exhibition, University of Maryland, USA, 13 March 2009
Focus Iran III, PARK LA BREA | LOS ANGELES | CALIFORNIA | USA, JAN 27,2019 – MAY 05,2019


Documentary, Journalism, People and Portrait