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Peter Bak - Experienced Photographer | Storyteller | Visual Media Specialist

I am Peter Bak, an experienced photographer with a passion for storytelling through visual media. With over two decades of professional experience, I have had the privilege of working on diverse projects and collaborating with renowned photographers and publications.
1995 marked the beginning of my freelance career as an assistant in Rotterdam and Amsterdam. Two years later, I ventured to New York City, where I collaborated with esteemed photographers, including Auke Vleer, Dana Lixenberg, Carli Hermes, and Morad Bouchakour. This experience broadened my horizons and shaped my artistic perspective.
In 1998, I embarked on a personal project titled "Young Talent," capturing the portraits of the Dutch national soccer team under 15. This initiative showcased my ability to highlight the essence of youth and talent through my lens.
Seeking new narratives, I journeyed to the Solomon Islands in 1999, where I documented the contrasting aspects of traditional life and the modern economy. Despite facing adversity during a civil war, I persevered and documented a unique perspective rarely seen. This project exemplified my commitment to capturing authentic stories.
Since 2000, I have worked as a freelance photographer for esteemed publications such as Carp, NRC Magazine, Elle, Nautique, Rails, Villa d'Arte, ABN Amro and others.
Projects such as "Jong en Hongerig" featured in M magazine (NRC) and exhibitions like "Jongtalent" and "Freshmen" demonstrated my versatility and artistic vision.
In 2006, I returned to the Solomon Islands to document the aftermath of the Gizo tsunami, amplifying the stories of resilience and recovery.
As a photographer, I possess a diverse skill set:
* Proficiency in various photography techniques, including portrait photography, documentary photography, and photojournalism.
* Expertise in photo editing and post-processing, utilizing industry-standard software to enhance visual narratives.
* In-depth knowledge of camera equipment and lighting techniques, ensuring optimal results in any environment.
* Strong storytelling abilities, crafting compelling narratives through photography.
* Excellent communication and collaboration skills, fostering productive partnerships with clients, publications, and subjects.
If you would like references or further information, please feel free to reach out.
Visit my website to explore my portfolio and learn more about my work.
References: Available upon request.


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