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Monique Belier (1971) is a Dutch visual artist who recently graduated from the Fotoacademie in Amsterdam in May 2023. Her work centers around the themes of humans, the body, and the mind. Her graduation project, the photo/art book titled ‘Where the Spirit Meets the Bone’, has been sold in several countries,

During her time as a student, Monique created a magazine called ‘Small Town Boy’, which was published in various newspapers, including NRC. Her work gained attention and led to an invitation from "Nieuw Amsterdam" at Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam, where she was invited to talk about her project.

Aside from being a photographer, Monique is also a writer. She writes stories for a local newspaper, accompanied by portraits and two of her short written stories where published in different short story novels.

Monique Belier's work reflects her passion for capturing the human body and exploring the intersection between art and life. With her focus on people, the body and the mind, she wants to delve into the complexity of human existence.

In addition, Monique's talents have been recognized by GUP (Guide to Unique Photography). She was selected as part of their Fresh Eyes talent for 2023.


Documentary, People and Portrait