Marcel Bettonville

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As an autodidact I think in images. I prefer to visualise a “story” behind a picture instead of going through lengthy texts (sorry teacher..).  

I started with film and photography in the time when I was organising worldwide, adventurous events with Camel Trophy Land Rovers. The adventure, the unknown, the travels and the capturing of story-telling images ended up becoming my passion. Gradually I immersed myself into the commercial world of filmmaking and photography and it is here that I feel truly at home, just like a fish in water. No wonder that my zodiac sign is a fish.

I forgot to tell you about my passion for sport (you could say I am a bit of a sports and health freak) and I am crazy enough to jump into an ice bath once a week! In addition, I meditate and still enjoy interior design, which I studied years ago. I love architecture and I enjoy renovating and redecorating at home. I’m also a big animal lover and animals bring out the softer side in me.

May I invite you to have a look at my portfolio? Do you like it? Did something catch your eye or do you perhaps have a job for me? I’d love to hear from you, whatever the challenge may be.


Architecture, Landscape, Travel