Jet van Gaal

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Jet van Gaal is an Amsterdam based portrait and fine art photographer. In her work, she aims to uncover our vulnerability and open our eyes to details that are often overlooked or labeled by society as imperfect. She is passionate about capturing the beauty of humanity and the natural world with an artistic approach. She finds inspiration in both humans and nature, duality and diversity. By changing perspective and shifting focus, Jet’s photography moves beyond the outside and draws you within, revealing a new reality characterized by penetrating strength and beauty.

She graduated from the Amsterdam Photo Academy in 2018 with the project “Blueprint,” for which she was nominated for the Dupho SO Student Award. The series was exhibited during the Art Route of Haarlem and Fotofestival Naarden.

Today, she is focused on her autonomous projects and working with various clients who seek authentic and pure portraits. Her new project, Kachou Fuugestu was exhibited in 2022 in two different galleries in the Netherlands and is now represented by Sandvoort Gallery.

Most of her work she create in her studio in Amsterdam. It’s a creative workspace with a relaxed atmosphere and has large windows to let daylight in beautifully.


Documentary, People and Portrait, Travel