Christine Mooijer

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Christine Mooijer
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Hi! I’m Christine Mooijer, a photographer from Amsterdam, focused on (staged) portrait photography. I have been influenced by Hollywood and pop culture, which is a big part of my imagery. I have always been drawn to TV shows and movies and entertainment, especially stories built around female leads. I bring some of the Hollywood spirit into my art, without losing sight of my Dutch roots. My cinematically styled photography shows a combination of these two very different worlds. The stories are fictional, but they are honest. 


PHMuseum: A State of Imperfectness, Grief and Renewal (March 2020)

2021 Top 20 Finalists Focus Photo LA @ Open Show, Los Angeles (17/09 - 19/09)
Top 20 finalist 

2021 Group Exhibition @ Agora Gallery, New York (17/12/20 - 12/01/21)
1 of 15 selected professional photographers

New Dutch Photography Talent 2019 & Fresh Eyes Talent 2020 (GUP).

BA Applied Photography since july 2018.


Autonomous and Art, People and Portrait, Staged