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Christine Mooijer

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Christine Mooijer
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Hi! I'm Christine Mooijer, an Amsterdam based photographer, mainly focussed on (staged) portrait photography. My photography is mostly focused on women, having been underrepresented as the ‘main character’ of a story for too long. Growing up, I remember always being drawn to TV shows and movies, especially the ones build around female leads. This lead me to write my own stories about women, through the medium of photography.

Having been influenced by Hollywood and pop culture, I grew up with this distorted view about what life was supposed to be like. Growing up and figuring out that life isn’t a movie, threw me off and disappointed me a little. The disillusionment formed me and my staged photography, getting a darker vibe because of it. I determined I should show imperfectness with real people, showing emotions we are not usually allowed to display or at the very least, aren’t usually shown in movies to have. 


New Dutch Photography Talent 2019 & Fresh Eyes Talent 2020 (GUP).

Graduated July 2018 from Applied Photography at the Fotovakschool (HBO, Bachelor of Design). 

In 2013 I received a Graphic Design degree, from Mediacollege Amsterdam (MBO4).


Autonomous and Art, People and Portrait, Staged