Carole Rey

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Carole Rey (she/her), is a French award-winning photographer based in the Netherlands whose work has been exhibited throughout Europe and the US. Through her lens and in a constant dialigue with natural light, Rey delicately explores themes such as ageism, femininity, and the circle of life, juxtaposing the pristine with the perishable to challenge conventional perceptions of beauty. Each photograph becomes a suspended moment, a meditative pause where time melds with natural light, eternal and elusive.

Within Rey's compositions lies an inherent melancholy—a subtle questioning of beauty's essence, a reminder of life's impermanence. Yet, amid this melancholy, is a serene invitation to embrace the overlooked beauty in imperfection, to pause and reflect on the transient nature of existence.

Carole Rey's visual poetry encourages viewers to slow down, to immerse themselves in the intricate details often overlooked, and to embrace the diversity and beauty of life's imperfections. In doing so, Carole Rey's work becomes a catalyst for deeper reflection on the human experience - a silent contemplation of the richness of life's fleeting moments.



Autonomous and Art, People and Portrait, Still-life