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I originally come from France, I have lived and travelled different places with my lovely husband (and assistant!) Olivier before landing in 2003 by a lovely canal in this fantastic and fascinating multicultural city that is Amsterdam!

I’m a passionate and enthusiastic photographer, I think every person is photogenic, capturing feelings, small moments and interactions between people quickly became a passion and I also always had an insatiable creative itch. This is why, after a few years taking assignments on the side next to my office job as a customer service specialist and after graduating from the Dutch photography school Fotovakschool in Amsterdam, I did everything in my power to turn my passion for photography into a full-time occupation.

My favorite area is to photograph events and capture beautiful portraits. I really blossom when I have the chance to meet people from all walks of life and cultures, but most of all because I truthfully love helping people and capturing their emotions and the connections between them.

My mission is to capture the memorable essence of each event and to offer imagery with a vibrant twist to my clients, imagery that has real heart & soul.

My goal is to help people building their image, authentically, and bring a story to life with creative and thoughtful photos.

Everybody deserves incredible and authentic photos! I would love to help you capture yours!



Event, People and Portrait, Wedding