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Marvel Harris

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Marvel Harris (1995) is a photographer born and raised in the Netherlands. Marvel’s photographic work revolves around his experiences as an autistic, non-binary transgender artist who has struggled with mental health problems for many years.

While suffering from an eating disorder and depression, Marvel started capturing himself with a camera to manage emotions he could not adequately put into words. In the beginning, this most often was when he experienced feelings such as anxiety and loneliness or felt desperate about the future. Looking at his work from a distance, Marvel realized how photography helps him understand his own complex identity. The resulting images are part of Marvel’s ongoing long-term project entitled Inner Journey and they hit you with a raw honesty – the subject bare and unadorned, elegantly captured in monochromatic light.

Marvel graduated from the University of Applied Photography in Apeldoorn in 2018. In the same year, he participated in the Keep an Eye Fotovakschool Award scheme, winning 1st prize for the best photographic work and most original project plan. This prize boosted his early career.

Marvel has since won several prizes with his work, including the 1st prize of the prestigious Zilveren Camera in the documentary category (2018), and was chosen by LensCulture as one of the Emerging Talents (2019). Marvel’s work is shown both in the Netherlands and abroad at fairs and exhibitions, such as Melkweg Expo (Amsterdam), World Press Photo Expo (Rotterdam), Museum Hilversum, Fotogalerie Objektief (Enschede), Paris Photo, Musea Zutphen, and Webber Gallery (London).

Living in the here and now, Marvel can be the person he is meant to be while reinforcing his self-worth as a photographer for all future endeavors. Marvel aims to reveal that which is hidden by making a lifelong journey of self-discovery visible with his camera.


Documentary, People and Portrait