Loes Gorseling

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Loes Gorseling is fine art and fashion photographer based in Arnhem, The Netherlands.
Growing up next to National park the Veluwe and with parents that liked to show her all the corners of  the world, she soon discovered her love for photography and art.

She picked up her first camera as young as 8 years old but her real  journey into the world of photography started when she was 20 and started studying art at the Minerva Art Academy in Groningen.

The intricate characters she creates tell stories that take place in a world build out of a marriage of  forgotten tales, art history and breath a sense of calm mystery.

Loes her work has been featured in exhibitions in Florence, Innsbruck & Groningen.
She was one of the faces for the I AM DIFFERENT campaign by Nikon.
In September 2018 Loes she won first place in William Rutten’s photo contest .


Autonomous and Art, Fashion, People and Portrait