Herman van Gestel

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Freelance Art-Director, Conceptual Photography- anything before, during and after photography. Enhancing your creativity

Brainstorming partner. Art-director for advertising agencies, media agencies and magazines turned photographer....have been at both ends of the table...

See me more as enhancing your creativity and marketing!

from branding, concept, to production and execution. As an art-director producer, I'm backed by 20+ years experience as well actual graphic design,magazine-production, multimedia (from CD-i onwards), Animation, Digital content and delivery, for companies like Henkel GmbH, Sakata, Weider Publications, Sapph, Nestlé GmbH.

Specialties Photography: Fashion, Lifestyle, Portrait & Branding Portraits, Beauty, Advertisement, Documentaries, Art-Direction & Production
Art-Director: Translation from Branding to Concepts, Magazines and Design-Agencies
Designer: Print & Webmedia.. managing Multimedia-projects and User Interaction 

Education : Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague and St Joost Art-Academy  Breda


Advertising, Fashion, People and Portrait