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We are DuPho, Dutch Photographers, and every year we organize the SO Award, Selection Of Dutch Photography.

A portfolio competition for which you submit 7 to 12 images that together give a good picture of your work/signature of the past year (1 Jan 2021 to 1 Jan 2022). It's that simple. You can submit your work until February 14, 2022. Don't wait, just do it.

Selected by SO 2022

Every year, a five-member jury of experts nominates twenty photographers to compete for the title. The mission is to make a selection that gives a nice picture of the zeitgeist, including many forms of photography such as portrait, documentary, autonomous, reportage, advertising, fashion, still-life photography.

All nominees will be given a stage and are welcome at the network dinner where agencies, museums, advertising agencies, editors and experts will join. You heard right, all the nominees are at this dinner. During this event, the winner, student winner and the winner of the audience award will be announced.

Why does DuPho organize the SO Awards?

Because we want to give professional photographers a boost in their career. We have been doing this since 2013 and in this way we have already helped many photographers to get off to a flying start.

Upload you work 

You can upload your from january 25th

First things first: how much does it cost to participate?

If you are a member of DuPho, participation costs €40, if you are not a member, then €80. We have listed why you want to be a member of DuPho. The choice is of course yours, everyone can participate, member or not. Participation costs €20 (member) or €40 (non-member) for students.

The rules:

  • You are a professional photographer or are studying at a recognized photography course
  • Graduation work must be submitted in the Student work category
  • You may submit one portfolio of at least 7 and maximum 12 images
  • There is only one further restriction: the work must be made in 2021, where an exception is only made for long-running documentary series
  • You may submit photos that you have made for commercial expressions, but also autonomous work. A combination is also possible.

Read all about the SO competition conditions & the points and commas of your entry

We distinguish between the winner of the Award, the winner of the Student Award and the winner of the audience award. The competition has no categories and no distinction is made between commissioned photos and free work. It is important that your selection has its own signature. We look at the photographer's personal vision and contemporary image perception.

What do you win?

In addition to the network dinner, applause and media attention, the winners will receive a cash prize.

  • The SO 2022 winner wins 4000 euros.
  • The SO 2022 Student winner wins 000 euros.
  • The SO 2022 Audience Award  wins1000 euros.

I doubt

Join. Many photographers enter multiple competitions before being nominated or winning. That always makes sense because you are seen by several judges. And you probably already know that being seen and persevering are the two ingredients that ultimately set you apart as a photographer.

About DuPho

Professional association DuPho is committed to professional photographers in the Netherlands. Whether it concerns practical tips and legal support or insight into how to deal with copyrights. We keep you informed of the most recent developments and more importantly, we provide insight into how you solve challenges.

The competition is a non-profit event and all fees collected will be used to fund the SO 2022 Award.