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Reinout van den Bergh

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Reinout van den Bergh Photography & Film
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Since 1982 I have been established as freelance photographer and audio-visual designer, combining commercial assignments with free artwork. Ever since, my photo-work has been published in books, reports and other publications. Image design and production of documentaries, business reports, information brochures and all that good photography or film may mean an added to the final result.

My audio-visual work developed from slide-shows for educational programmes to producing video-walls for the Dutch Ministry of Development Cooperation. My art work has been exhibited in museums in Eastern and Western Europe as well as in Africa.

I have been commissioned for assignments by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry for Housing, Spatial Planning and Environment, the Royal Tropical Institute, Dutch development cooperation organisations and ethnographical museums. This required travelling over most continents and regions: Africa, Asia, the Middle East and Latin America.

In all my work I try to combine subject matter with human interest and interaction. I am fascinated and inspired by daily recurring events in the lives of ordinary people; how they live, eat, drink, work, sleep, dream and love.

2006 – Present: Curator of International Photo Festival BredaPhoto.


Autonomous and Art, Documentary, Industrial